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$5 Central Bank of New Ulm, Minnesota Surfaces

This landed in the mail today — and has rapidly become one of my favorite Minnesota bank notes. What makes this one special is that is signed by J. Jay Knox as president.  Collectors of national bank notes will recognize him as the man depicted on Series 1902 $100 notes.  Here is the story of

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10K Gold Note 100th Anniversary

This special $10,000 Gold Certificate is now 100 years old.  Issued to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, the note is dated Nov. 17, 1914.  Notice that address of the Minneapolis bank is in Chicago, Illinois.  

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$2 Stearns County Bank

Acquired Two Stearns County Notes

This weekend at the MOON coin show in Brooklyn Center I acquired two rare proofs on Stearns County Bank of St. Cloud from collector/dealer Dave Steckling of St. Cloud. He purchased these from the Schingoethe Collection at auction back in 2005 and 2006.  That was a busy time for me as well, having to pick

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Minnesota Nice

Minnesota Nice is a sampling of Shawn Hewitt’s collections of antique paper money from Minnesota locations.  The collection of obsolete notes is the “nicest” of its kind ever assembled — most notes are finest known or unique.  Enjoy these graphical treasures from Minnesota’s past.

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